Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Twitter Problem For New Features

Some problems experienced in repeatedly Twitter these days, ranging from the timeline, the demise and disappearance of new home page Trending Topic, known to appear after Twitter trying to do an update on the home page.

One of the improvements that include adding a new feature that allows tweeps to follow account of common interest or interests.

This feature, said spokesperson Carolyn Penner Twitter will help tweeps find relevant accounts in accordance with a particular search.

"You can look for general topics, such as sports or a more specific, like Manchester United, Nascar or Formula One," he wrote in a blog Twitter.

Other information reported by Reuters and quoted on Wednesday (06/04/2011), some disturbance on Twitter today reportedly caused by a problem in the data center Twitter.

Reliable sources quoted by Reuters said the data center located in Utah, United States (U.S.) was no longer able to handle spikes in site traffic is 140 characters.

Last month, Twitter was never announced plans to move corporate data center to Sacramento, California, USA. However, Twitter itself has not confirmed the direct and palpable cause of the disorder.